Power Catamaran Source!

Your Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

by Waypoint Marine Sales

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North Coast Powercats brands offer the most versatility of any boat on the water. Greater stability, greater capacity and greater efficiency than most monohulls.

The ultimate luxury is ride.  World Cat ... A Better Way to Boat! 

No other boats have the technology to offer a catamaran's smooth, silky ride and extraordinary sea keeping ability. This means catamaran owners can travel at high rates of speed, even in severe sea conditions. Catamaran hull shapes realize higher hull speeds than conventional displacement hulls. This, combined with a catamaran’s famous soft ride, results in renowned efficiency and smooth, seaworthy safety. At speed, the catamaran displacement hull slices through the water, traveling with the shape of the seas rather than flying over them and experiencing re-entry shock. So you can go places and enjoy the water on days other craft stay at the dock.

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